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          At present, Beskys has the domestic first-class level of optical hardware designers and visual system software engineers a total of five, more than the master's degree in education, related hardware and staff fully equipped, plans in the next 1 year according to business development and then expand.
          The meaning of cultivating talents
          An enterprise is a collection of people. Crack the "enterprise" word, there is a fine argument: "Some people are the enterprise, no one is only". Talent is a very important strategic resource for enterprise development. Successful business, must be able to continue to gather and continue to create high-quality talent enterprises. The result of cultivating talents is an enhancement of productivity and competitiveness in terms of business, and it is the improvement of working life quality and life satisfaction to employees. Enterprises not only produce products, more production talent. Competition in the end is the talent competition, how to develop talent, personnel training and the use of talent, give full play to the positive role of talent has become an important issue in front of every enterprise.
          Beskys Technology personnel training program
          First, the establishment of a scientific election only with the mechanism. The establishment of talent competition mechanism, vigorously promote the open selection, competition and other posts, the introduction of scientific qualitative and quantitative assessment of talent means, the talented people to hire the right job, to be able to be able to be able to enter, the amount of use People do their best. The establishment of open, fair and impartial talent evaluation mechanism, the evaluation results and employment and income linked to ensure that enterprises meet the assessment standards of talent in the enterprise has its place, seek their jobs, grant their rights, their benefits, to achieve the survival of the fittest. So that the use of talent and personnel training to promote the use of reasonable to accelerate the training to further develop to promote the use of potential young talent, to boldly burden the burden, to the seats, so that they are in important posts by storms, see the world, Long experience, increase talent to do.
          Second, more measures simultaneously, do business skills training personnel to use. To give full play to the talent market allocation of human resources, the basic role of the organization through a variety of comprehensive and professional skills recruitment, for Beskys Technology and all kinds of talent to provide two-way choice opportunities, so that the talent market really become a unit election , Through the establishment of "333" gold blue-collar enterprise skills training program, to speed up the training of a large number of high level of knowledge, superb skills, can independently solve the technical problems of the key to the key industry and key industries scarce professional High-skilled personnel; to take "send out, please come in" approach, continue to increase the training of skilled personnel, give them more exercise, test, growth opportunities, give them to pay the task, pressure burden, in accordance with "eloquence, Real "different types of job requirements, the implementation of" order "training, the amount used only, effort to build business skills talent" high ground. "
          Third, care for love, and actively create a thief to keep the external environment. Deng Xiaoping, the chief architect of China's reform and opening up, once said, "There is hope for the prospective people." Therefore, we should take advantage of the situation in an all-round way and earnestly combine the economic construction and the contingent of talents to speed up human resources To the transformation of human capital, and strive to "first resources" to support and promote the "first priority".
          Talent work is a long-term, important and urgent important task. Beskys Technology to the work of talent on a more prominent strategic position, take the initiative to strengthen cooperation with the organization / personnel and other departments with the establishment of a sound personnel working procedures, regular meetings, work system and other working mechanisms. At the same time, we should actively guide the trade unions, the Communist Youth League, women's federations and other people's organizations as well as enterprises and institutions, social intermediary organizations and other social forces widely involved in personnel work, the integration of all aspects of social forces, formed a concerted effort to jointly promote the work of the new situation.
          Second, learn to get close from the feelings of talent. Play the role of talent, the key is to care for the care of talent, to maximize their lives, wages, benefits and medical benefits and other treatment; earnestly concerned about their basic necessities, healthy and cold, to help them solve the work, life difficulties encountered ; Coordination to solve their children's enrollment, employment, personnel agents, social insurance transfer, etc., really do with feelings of heart, with treatment to keep people. At the same time, increase the subsidy incentives, earnestly enjoy the government subsidies and the provincial level has made outstanding contributions to the selection of technical personnel to further expand the introduction of channels, and vigorously introduce key areas of shortage of skilled personnel for high-level talent to stand out to create conditions. Once again to further clarify the responsibility mechanism for talent work. Talent work is a systematic project, must be clear responsibility. The main person in charge of the unit as the first person responsible for the work of talent, to personally grasp, personally asked, with their own role in the form and promote the whole society care and support talent work. Organize the personnel department from the excellent environment, create opportunities, build platform, and so on, and constantly improve the introduction of talent, training, use mechanism to promote the work of talent to a new level. Talent should be included in the work of the unit annual target responsibility assessment, assessment results will be used as an important basis for measuring the performance of the team and cadres. At the same time, outstanding achievements of the units and individuals to commend the reward, do not attach importance to the work of the units and individuals to resolutely organize the treatment.
          Today and the future, the competition is the talent competition, "planted a plane trees, own Phoenix." If the talent is "Maxima", business leaders is "Bole", "Maxima" by "Bole" meticulous, will be deeply aware of the case, so doubly hard, gallop, courageously forward.