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      Wuhan Beskys Technology CO.,LTD.  focused on laser micro-processing systems and industrial automation research and development, production and sales as one of the high-tech enterprises.

          The company's main hardware products include precision laser micromachining systems, customized laser focus heads, special optical path design and machine vision light sources, imaging systems, 3D printing solutions, etc. Software products include visual automatic alignment, defect detection, visual automatic alignment And precision machining guidance and other software. Products are widely used in laser brazing, welding, fine processing, and a variety of industrial automation production, robots, medical equipment and other industries.
          The company has an excellent R & D team, with rich experience in laser systems and industrial automation control technology, more than 10 years of complex system project delivery of the rich practice for different industries quickly and accurately to provide customers with personalized solutions to provide Comprehensive laser precision machining and automation system solutions.

          We adhere to the "A thing! A group of people! A lifetime!" spirit of enterprise, the concept of "integrity, cooperation, innovation, mutual win" spirit of enterprise, research and development and production of high-quality laser micro-processing and automation systems for the mission, our goal is to provide the best quality service, and customers common progress , BeSkys will be  created a field of laser automation in the field of world-class enterprises.


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